The 6 Best Ohmmeters 2018

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  1. Supco M500 Insulation Tester/Electronic Megohmmeter with Soft Carrying Case, 0 to 1000 megohms

  2. AEMC 1030 Digital Megohmmeter, 250/500V Test Voltages, 2,000 Megohms Insulation Resistance, , 600V Voltage

  3. Megger DLRO10X Digital Microhmmeter with Data Storage and Downloading

  4. Megger GA-00372 Test Cable with Kelvin Probe for Use With MOM2 Microhmmeter, Black, 10' Length

  5. Instek GOM-801H Four-Input Digital Milliohm Meter, 7 Test Ranges, 20 Kilohms Resistance

  6. AEMC 2118.82 Kelvin Clips for Micro-ohmmeter, 1A, 10' Length